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So, after snarking out a few comments in response to the new Missouri House Republican Floor Leader, I decided that my best way to get instant Tim Jones was to follow him.

(Click here for a larger version. -Clark)


Guess correcting his math really pisses him off.

Hearing is one thing, listening is another, delivering? well.. hmm | rt @timwjones The People have spoken (…) We hear you!

1998 = decades #newmath | rt @timwjones PA is going to elect a GOP governor for first time in decades and media completely ignores the story

What are the odds that someone in his party has to take Tim Jones’ Twitter away before he torches his career?

Also, anybody whining about the media not covering Pennsylvania in a year that Republicans picked up virtually everything needs to really get a life. I hope Tim Jones doesn’t throw popcorn at the TV when he thinks the refs made a bad call against the Rams.

I guess i’m not as cool as the people who think the President was born in Kenya, eh Timbo?


Edit: Your terrifying Tim Jones quote of the day- “Maybe some day you’ll both be lucky though and you can vote for me for Governor!” (Provided, of course, that Jones can prove he wasn’t secretly born in Canada)