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According to the Washington Post, Carl Rove’s American Crossroads paid $4,120,921 to help buy Roy Blunt’s Senate seat. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, by comparison, pumped a measly $1,110,461 into Missouri to help their pal Roy. Nothing like buying a known commodity, I guess.

Of course Blunt also owes the Koch brothers a big debt; if their AFP hadn’t fanned the Tea Party bonfires, it would have been much rougher going. From one point of view, Blunt’s race was the proof of the pudding when it comes to the preferred way to use the Tea Party. Actual Tea Party candidates who won their primaries mostly crashed and burned (think Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle and Joe Miller), proving that there is actually a limit on how many Americans will tolerate pure stupidity; but the cadres did make excellent foot soldiers for the good ol’ boys of the corporate GOP and helped to create the required media narrative.

Addendum:  I forgot to add our own Ed Martin’s name to the list of defeated Tea Party candidates – perhaps because he always struck me as a more of a political opportunist using the Tea Party for camouflage than the real thing.  He not only crashed and burned, but he seems determined to make a total ass out of himself now that the damage is done.