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The results are in for the 121st Legislative District race:

State Representative – District 121

Precincts Reporting 7 of 7

Cole, Courtney DEM 3,479 38.0%

Hoskins, Denny L. REP 5,291 57.9%

Wayne, Bill LIB 375 4.1%

Total Votes 9,145

Regular readers here at Show Me Progress may have noted our coverage of the 121st District race. Part of this was due to our proximity to the action, but a larger part was the remarkable person who was the Democratic Party candidate, Courtney Cole – a smart and savvy candidate, a quick study and an individual with a thorough understanding of the nuts and bolts of campaigning. Someone who thrives on door to door voter contact.

In many ways this race was a microcosm of our universe with the added benefit of an incumbent who always somehow managed to find some way to stumble, but in the end somehow still managed to find a way to land on his feet – with the assistance of plenty of cash from the HRCC.

You can safely bet that the representative in the 121st Legislative District will continue to give us plenty to write about. And we’ll continue to give him the coverage he and his constituents deserve.


An e-mail sent by Courtney Cole (D) to her supporters:

…Congratulations on all that we’ve been able to accomplish with this campaign. This has truly been a positive experience and has provided me with so many opportunities along the way. We never would have had the success that we have without your support and that truly means the world to me.

I will not give up in my fight for what I think is right here in Johnson County. There are people hurting and that motivates me even more to get involved and help however I can to relieve their pain.

In the meantime, please stay informed on what is going on in our local and state governments. Reach out to your officials and respectfully work with them to bring solutions to the problems that we are facing.

Again, thank you for making this possible.

In your service,