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The nasty republican robocall that started it all.

We received yet another mailer from Denny Hoskins (r-noun, verb, CPA) today and noticed a little detail that belies this assertion in yesterday’s Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal:

…Rep. Denny Hoskins sought to distance himself Thursday from a robocall barrage targeting his Nov. 2 Democratic opponent….

….Hoskins said in a prepared statement. “I did not pay for, approve or have any knowledge of the robocall, nor do I condone its message….”

It’s kind of hard to distance yourself from the House republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) when you’re wearing their swag in one of the few mail pieces paid for by your own campaign:

Nice shirt. Where’d you get it?

Uh, the HRCC?

Or when the Executive Director of the HRCC walks in the UCM homecoming parade with you, wearing your campaign t-shirt:

Dave Hageman, Missouri Executive Director of Victory Enterprises (left) and

Robert Knodell, Executive Director of the House Republican Campaign Committee (right)

Yesterday Courtney Cole‘s (D) campaign ran a robocall in response to the HRCC’s sleazy effort last Wednesday to promote homophobia.

The transcript:

Hello, this is Courtney Cole and I want to apologize to you for a phone call that my opponent sent out this week which contained false allegations attacking our Christian values.  My husband Jason and I raise our little girl, McKenzie here in the 121st district and we should expect integrity and decency from the campaigns of our local candidates.  Unfortunately, some people are willing to attack our community and my Christian values for their own political gain.  I ask for your support to allow me to represent the values that make our community a wonderful place to live and work by voting for me on Tuesday.  If you have any questions, please call me at home… or visit my website at http://www.votecourtneycole.com.  Paid for by Cole for House, Laurie Squiric, Treasurer.


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