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Representative Jason Kander‘s campaign (D) released the following web video:

Jason Kander (D): I’m Jason Kander and if I look familiar it’s because I’ve probably stood on your doorstep. I’ve knocked on a constituent’s door nearly twenty thousand times over the last three years.

When you’ve stood on someone’s porch and looked them in the eye you take personally the task of protecting their job, managing their tax dollars wisely, and keeping their neighborhood safe. That’s why the work that I do is so personal for me.

That’s why I offered the first real ethics reforms to become law in Missouri in twenty years. Why I cut funding, perks and fringe benefits given to legislators as a way to afford medical coverage for Missouri’s poorest kids. And it’s why I went after wasteful spending and worked with members of both parties to balance the budget.

I’ll keep walking and knocking. I’ll keep listening. And I’d be honored to have your support again this Tuesday.