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I hope you got out and got some sunshine. I spent my day trying to get in touch with a couple of republican fellows who are up to their armpits in robocall bilge. –BG

I managed, through a source that was promised anonymity, to locate the cell phone numbers of the Executive Director of the HRCC and the Executive Director of Victory Strategies, a political strategy firm that is closely associated with the HRCC.

They are also pretty closely associated with Denny (Noun, Verb, CPA) Hoskins in Warrensburg, as you can see in this photo:

Dave Hageman, Missouri Executive Director of Victory Enterprises (left) and

Robert Knodell, Executive Director of the House Republican Campaign Committee (right)

Marching together in the CMSU UCM homecoming parade kinda makes the whole ‘recoil in horror and deny everything’ approach Denny has chosen not merely unbelievable, but, frankly, laughable mockworthy.

I first left a message for Mr. Knodell, but I didn’t expect a callback. He doesn’t even say his name on his voicemail greeting, just his number, but I gave it the old Mizzou try…Keep in mind I hate talking to machines…

“Hi, ah, my name is Tammy Booth and I am a reporter with “They Gave Us a Republic” that’s a national web, ah, national news website…they gave us a republic dot com, if you want to look at it…Ah, I was wondering…I’m looking for a man named Robert Knodell, and I’m wondering if I can get a comment on the HRCC decision to pull the robocalls that went out attacking schoolteachers and, and other Democrats, um…at the end of the, ah, that have now been pulled…and if you had a comment on the decision to launch them, and the decision to pull them. Thank you.”

I wasn’t too pushy…I waited a bit before sending him the following text message:

Hello, I am looking for Robert Knodell and a comment on the robocalls that went out and were quickly pulled.  Thank You. Tammy Booth theygaveusarepublic.com

I didn’t call Mr. Hageman. He wasn’t going to answer for me, and we both knew it, so I just cut to the chase and sent the following message:

Hello Mr. Hageman. My name is Tammy Booth and I am a reporter with the national news site theygaveusarepublic.com   I am looking for comments on the decision to first launch, then pull the robocall campaign that accused Democratic candidates of taking money from the gay porn industry?  Thank you.

It is now 7:30 p.m. on Friday, and neither of these fellows has seen fit to “man up” as Sharron Angle would say.

I can only assume then that they know they have no excuses, realize that they have done more harm than good (or as my father used to say “stepped on their dicks”) and they are bravely laying low ’til Tuesday.

They don’t just have “no comment,” they have the double-secret “no comment” that no one has to say.

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