Twenty years ago, Blunt wrote letters to the INS to help an immigrant woman. The Democratic Party says he was “pulling strings” for her despite his current tough talk against immigration.

Wednesday, when asked if he knew the woman, Blunt refused to answer the question directly and stormed out of the event without shaking any more hands or talking to any more reporters.

Guess he couldn’t find his cellphone to fake a conversation.

So if you all needed an update on this story, in picture form..

Reporters: Don’t ask Roy Blunt about Dora Narvaez. Don’t you know that he’s trying to run out the clock?

More on Fired Up! Missouri (with one opening for a triple Dueling Blunts, if MS Paint will allow for that)


Update: The graphics department worked through part of a lunch break to bring you this supplementary summary of the Blunt/Narvaez story