The only thing I’ve seen from St. Louis Tea Party blogs on the brutal attack on the MoveOn supporter at the Rand Paul rally was a couple of posts by Jim Hofft essentially claiming that Paul supporters were forced to drag the woman to the ground and step on her head.

I wonder if we’ll hear any condemnation of the attack on the MoveOn supporter, or of Hofft, for that matter. I don’t expect to, but I’m happy to be pleasantly surprised.

UPDATE: I guess I should have expected this. Dana Loesch jumps into the fray, calling on MoveOn to apologize, for supposedly provoking the men into holding her to the ground with two arms and a foot:…

So let me get this right. Another paid Soros activist tries to incite violence at debate, was restrained. MoveOn owes apology.

about 4 hours ago   from Seesmic Desktop