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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) via Twitter:

“Death Panel” Reversed – This letter to the editor caught my eye today. It was published in the Kansas City… http://tumblr.com/xbxlqgimg     1:15 PM Oct 14th  via Tumblr  

The letter to the editor in the Kansas City Star:

October 13, 2010

‘Death panel’ reversed

Recently, we had occasion to meet with a transplant team in a local medical center. One of the team members discretely mentioned a recent consequence of the dreaded Obamacare.

Earlier, an insurance company representing the center’s patient ordered its client’s name be removed from the transplant list. The patient had reached the maximum benefit caps.

Last week the insurance company was legally compelled to reinstate its client’s name. When the hospital notified the patient she was stunned and confused.

She sobbed, saying, “So the insurance company granted my appeal?”

“No,” came the reply. “The new health care law removed all caps on benefits…”

And Roy Blunt (r-restore the Death Panels) wants to repeal health care reform, eh?

GOP moves to repeal healthcare law

By Molly K. Hooper – 05/27/10 07:32 PM ET

House Republican leaders introduced a bill Thursday to repeal and replace the sweeping healthcare law adopted in late March.

According to Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), the measure would repeal the current law and replace it with the alternative the minority party offered to the original healthcare legislation last November.

“As unpopular as this healthcare bill is today, it’s at the height of its popularity,” Blunt said. “The more the American people know about it, the more concerns they are going to have, and the more they are going to look at alternatives….”

Poll shows opposition to health care overhaul declining

By David S. Hilzenrath

Washington Post Staff Writer

Thursday, July 29, 2010; 12:02 AM

Opposition to the landmark health care overhaul declined over the past month, to 35 percent from 41 percent, according to the latest results of a tracking poll, reported Thursday.

Fifty percent of the public held a favorable view of the law, up slightly from 48 percent a month ago, while 14 percent expressed no opinion about the measure, according to the poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation….

The poll found that misconceptions about the legislation persist, including the “death panel” falsehood propagated by opponents of the legislation.

“A year after the town meeting wars of last summer, a striking 36% of seniors said that the law ‘allowed a government panel to make decisions about end of life care for people on Medicare’, and another 17% said they didn’t know,” Kaiser Family Foundation chief executive Drew Altman wrote.

The survey of 1,504 adults was conducted from July 8 through July 13 and, for the broadest categories of respondents, has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, the Kaiser Family Foundation said…

[emphasis added]

Roy Blunt (r-lobbyists) never has been a member of the reality based community.