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Reading one of the newspaper reports about the Roy Blunt-Robin Carnahan debate last night, I was struck by a no doubt trivial detail. At one point, talking about jobs, Blunt claimed that

Our jobs plan is over 100 pages. Secretary of Carnahan’s jobs plan is under 500 words _ you could tweet her jobs plan in four tweets,” said Blunt, referring to the Internet social networking site, Twitter.

Does he mean this Jobs Plan which can be downloaded from his campaign Webpage? Because I swear I can’t find more than 20 pages. Does he think that the linked references comprise part of the Plan? If so, I’ve got news for him – they don’t. I’ve also got to say that lots of those 20 pages don’t amount to more than boilerplate and whining about the Obama administration.

Am I really mistaken, or is this one more instance of Roy the serial liar? There are folks who just can’t resist a fib, no matter how silly. Is there another version of the “Jobs Plan,”  have I not seen it all, or is Roy one of those sad, dissembling individuals? I’m confused.

Update: The account of the debate in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch omitted Blunt’s assertion that his jobs plan had more than a hundred pages:

Blunt stressed his theme of private sector job creation, accusing Carnahan of lacking details on how she would boost the economy. He used a reference to the popular social media network, Twitter, to make his sharpest jab in the debate.

“You could tweet her jobs plan in four tweets,” he said.

An odd omission since the “four tweets” comment is part of a comparative statement.