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Interestingly, the Missouri republican party hasn’t mentioned Denny Hoskin’s (r-noun, verb, CPA) property tax problem. I wonder why? Is it because that’s a reason to vote “No” on Denny Hoskins? Just asking.

The Missouri republican party continues to prop up Denny Hoskins (r), the incumbent in the 121st Legislative District, with expensive attack mail pieces directed at Courtney Cole (D).

Okay, we’ll bite. Um, the Democratic Party demon every other republican across the country has been running against? Nancy Pelosi!


Who would have thought that Courtney Cole was more powerful than the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Impressive. That kind of pull doesn’t seem like a negative, especially when the republican incumbent you’re trying to prop up with these expensive mail pieces has such a lackluster legislative record.

Right, I forgot. For the teabagger set that’s a feature, not a bug.

Nice photo with an added microphone. Apparently their tracker couldn’t get anything grainy and more darkly lit.

Whoa! Courtney Cole (D) hangs with the President? That’s some serious pull! Do you think he’ll visit Johnson County within the next three weeks?

Let’s see. They’ve recycled stuff from their previous attack mail:

“…Cole is a card-carrying member of a liberal special interest group…”

Uh, Courtney Cole (D) is a high school teacher. The footnote refers to the Missouri National Education Association (MNEA), a group which advocates for our children and our public schools.

Uh, didn’t that “card carrying” bullshit go out with the anti-fluoridation whack jobs from the fifties? Apparently not. Same type of right wing extremists, different wedge issues….

And what does any self respecting grassroots supported Democratic Party candidate do when they’re subjected to this kind of drech?

Why, they continue their door to door campaigning and engage voters one on one at events. There was one this evening in Warrensburg:


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