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Our coverage of the race between Courtney Cole (D), the challenger, and Denny Hoskins (r-noun, verb, CPA), the incumbent, in the 121st Legislative District continues – the current contrast between the campaign mail plans is instructive.


“Noun, Verb, CPA”: Hoskins (r) mail attack on Cole (D) in the 121st Legislative District race (October 8, 2010)

Hoskins (r) mail attack on Cole (D) in the 121st Legislative District race, part 2 (October 9, 2010)

Courtney Cole (D) in the 121st Legislative District: mail – a constructive outlook for the district (October 10, 2010)

Denny Hoskins (r) had a thing or two to say during his paid local radio program yesterday morning about all the mail that is going out on his behalf which he didn’t pay for (er, excuse us, which his campaign didn’t pay for):

Announcer: ….and this portion of our program, as always on Monday at this time, paid for by Citizens for Hoskins, Stormy Taylor, treasurer…


Denny Hoskins (r): ….So, I, I’ve never voted for a, a tax increase on, on senior citizens.

Announcer: Somebody said you did?

Denny Hoskins (r):  Well, I, I, I’ve just heard some, some rumors [crosstalk]…

Announcer: Oh.

Denny Hoskins (r): …out there that, that, uh, that, uh, my, my opponent is, is that’s what, uh, she is saying and, and that’s just simply not true, so.

Announcer: Oh, okay.

Denny Hoskins (r):  So, I don’t know. But, uh, you know [crosstalk]…

Announcer: Where that comes from.

Denny Hoskins (r):  Right, I , I don’t  know where that comes from, I don’t know where that comes from. And then, you know, we, we’re in full campaign mode, you know [crosstalk]…

Announcer: Yeah.

Denny Hoskins (r): …we’re, uh, going door to door, making phone calls, been out there several events. Um, any media ad that’s paid for by me will say paid for by Citizens for Hoskins, Stormy Taylor, treasurer.

Announcer: Yeah.

Denny Hoskins (r):  You get some of these other groups, whether it’s the Democrat party or Republican party that will come in and, and buy different ads about different things. And, and a lot of them, what they try to do is contrast pieces. Or at least, um, I know that’s what, that’s what, uh, the Republican party has, has came in and done and said, well, you have Denny Hoskins who believes in this and you have his opponent who believes in this. And that’s the contrast [crosstalk]…

Announcer: Yeah.

Denny Hoskins (r): …in between those two, so.

Announcer: And you don’t have anything to do with those, do you?

Denny Hoskins (r):  No, no, un, unfortunately, um, under Missouri statutes it’s, would be illegal if I knew anything about those, so.

Announcer: Really.

Denny Hoskins (r):  Uh, yes, lots of times they will come out and go on, on, uh, out there on the Internet and find pictures, where there’s pictures of me or pictures of, of my opponent or pictures of whoever and then they can, they can use those and, um, literally, I, I go door to door and [announcer laughter], and I see people say, oh, I got something in the mail from you today. And I say, well, you did? [laugh] You know, what, what was it? Can I see it? And they’ll show it to me and I say, well, that wasn’t, that wasn’t paid for by me, that was paid for by somebody else. But, uh, you know, like I said, anything that’s paid for by me you’ll have Citizens for, or, paid for by Citizens for Hoskins, Stormy Taylor, treasurer just like the announce at the beginning [crosstalk]…

Announcer: Like this program right here.

Denny Hoskins (r):  Exactly, exactly, so….

“…lots of times they will come out and go on, on, uh, out there on the Internet and find pictures…”

Yeah, wink, wink, high resolution photos that were posed and suitable for reproduction on glossy stock:

They found it on the Internets? A recent attack mail piece sent by the Missouri republican party on behalf of Denny Hoskins (r).

The irony of the “what’s in their wallet” theme on the inside of the piece eluded the folks who put this together.

As one wag commented, “Man, there must have been a lot of hidden cameras following him around.” Maybe they were trackers who showed up at the wrong event.