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Denny Hoskins (r-noun, verb, CPA) is the beneficiary of a mail piece attacking Courtney Cole (D) – and just like two years ago it’s paid for by the Missouri republican party, of course:

The address side of the folded mail piece.

Lowering taxes? How? By not paying them?

The outside back of the folded mail piece.

You can tell a lot about a person based on what’s in their wallet.

Uh, like the $20,317.89 that should have gone toward paying their property taxes.

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

The attack part on the inside of the mail piece:

Denny Hoskins (r) has experience in balancing budgets? It ain’t so.

Denny Hoskins (r) is taking on the stimulus? Really? Anyone notice him making noise over those highway projects on U.S. 50?

Paid for by special interests? You mean like a $5000.00 check from a PAC for Denny Hoskins’ campaign?

And then there’s this disingenuous little gem:

“…Courtney Cole proudly states she is a card-carrying member of a liberal special interest group…”

As the footnote states, she’s a member of the Missouri National Education Association (MNEA). Uh, Courtney Cole is a teacher who works very hard to educate our children. And these republican morons call the MNEA a “liberal special interest group”? That shows the worldview of the Missouri republican party – and they think everyone else is stoopid.

Apparently, Denny Hoskins (r) thinks he’s running against Obama. He’s two years too early.

Nice photo of Courtney Cole. I wonder where they got it? Denny Hoskins (r) has said he wouldn’t know about that.

…With this tracker stuff out in front of the public does that mean we won’t be seeing any darkly lit shaky videos or grainy photographs along with shock headlines and disturbing music in cable television commercials in the 121st District before the November election? Just asking.

It looks like we just got the answer to that question.