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This is an election year and I keep promising myself that I’m gonna stop huffing and puffing whenever one of our elected Democrats makes a pragmatic decision about what he or she thinks is necessary to prevail. Simply put, I make this resolve because no matter how small and weak some of the worst offenders may seem, they’re giants compared to the moral Lilliputians the GOP is trying to palm off on us.

If even mediocre Democrats are giants in this line-up, Wisconsin’s Senator Russ Feingold is a Goliath colossus. Which is why I’m gonna fudge just a very little bit on my resolve to show nothing but sweetness and light to the politicians who really are Missouri’s best right now.

What I want to do is urge some Missouri Democrats to take a look at how Feingold, a politician of courage and integrity, is behaving. Right now Feingold is, to the surprise of just about everybody, running behind a millionaire fringewinger, Ron Johnson. But unlike those politicians who try to blend into the woodwork when they feel threatened, Feingold is fighting back and standing up for his Democratic principles.

You know how lots of Democrats are tip-toeing around one of their principle achievements, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), because they are too afraid to present a forceful counter narrative to that of Republican-dominated cable news babble? Not Russ Feingold. He boasts about his support of the ACA, and goes after his opponent for bad-mouthing it:

Maybe it’s a desperate gamble on Feingold’s part, or maybe he has, as some  have suggested, decided to go down with the ship. But maybe, just maybe, he really believes those polls that point out that lots of Americans – even some Democrats – prefer politicians who stand up for their principles – or, perhaps more accurately,  who have some principles in the first place.

* 1st paragraph edited. the word “moral” was added before “Lilliputians.”