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Via Think Progress we learn that vandals struck a St. Louis Mosque – for the second time in the two weeks.  (And why didn’t I learn this in the Post-Dispatch?) A pentagram and the slogan “Worship Satan” were spraypainted on the Mosque wall.

The response from the Mosque officials:

In an interview with local news station KMOV, mosque spokesman Tim Kaminski said the mosque is not interested in pursuing charges against the vandal or vandals. “What we would like is for this person to come forward and come clean,” said Kaminski. “We have no rancor, no anger. We want to talk to this person. Explain to them what Islam is, that we worship the same God as the Christian and Jewish traditions do.”

Aren’t Christians supposed to be the ones who turn the other cheek? One comment brought up the new survey from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, and it occurred to me that this event certainly helps put into perspective its finding that even atheists know more about the Christian religion than most self-professed Christians.

Another comment voiced a much darker concern:

It’s a short step from vandalism against property to attacks on people.

I was in Detroit just after 9/11, and I remember an incident reported in the local papers in which a mechanic attacked and injured an innocent Muslim man with a crowbar. As I remember it, the victim had done nothing other than enter his shop seeking service. The moral is that there are more than a few murderous fools with poor impulse control hiding in the woodwork, and, unfortunately, there are also lots of cynical demagogues who ought to know better, but who are hell-bent on using raging zenophobia as a political tool.