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The saga of a small town film festival, a desperate republican politician, teabaggers and the stimulus continues.

Remember this, from Representative Denny Hoskins’ (r-noun, verb, CPA) September 20, 2010 Capitol Report?:

…My own questions were based on those I received from constituents concerning the film festival.  As you can see, I did not request funding be withheld or rescinded.  I simply asked how people who need assistance would be helped by the film festival.  Since the film festival was held, I have received even more questions from constituents.  The idea of a film festival or similar event to shine a spotlight on the Warrensburg community is not in itself a bad idea.  How to pay for this event is what concerns me…

[emphasis added]

In today’s Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal, front page, above the fold:

9/28/2010 1:44:00 PM

Spotlight still shines on film fest

Jack Miles


….Rep. Denny Hoskins took partial credit for the withdrawal of funds in a Sept. 10 release labeled, “Rep. Denny Hoskins helps recover Social Services funding inappropriately used….”

Apparently it’s really convenient to immediately claim credit when teabaggers have been complaining and it’s also really convenient to walk it all back when more rational constituents wonder what the big to do was all about. Read the article.

You’d think that someone who was ostensibly interested in economic development and promoting job creation would think twice about doing anything to diminish an event, long planned by people in their community, which was designed to do exactly that. You’d think.

But, the damage was already done:

….[MVCAA Executive Director Pam] LaFrenz said the festival drew about 150 guests – less than a third of the more than 500 organizers expected to draw in the first year of what they hoped would become an annual event. She said the controversy, a few hours before the festival started, hurt attendance.

“Absolutely,” LaFrenz said. “There was a lot of confusion at the last moment about whether or not it was even going to happen. … I had a couple of calls from regular people asking whether the film festival was going to happen….”

Adding insult to injury:

….We received word that Representative Hoskins (r) did not contact MVCAA before or during the film festival, but he did contact them on Monday afternoon (September 13th)….

You’d think someone who was concerned about getting the full story on the film festival might try to contact the people running it before intervening and doing a happy dance about the result via an opportunistic press release the day before the festival opened. You’d think. You know, possibly a simple question along the lines of, “Could you explain what you all are doing?” I’d suppose that most people living in the 121st Legislative District get the fundamental fairness of extending the folks at the Missouri Valley Community Action Agency that common courtesy.


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