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A piece of campaign mail, directed at older voters in the 4th Congressional District, was sent by the 60 Plus Association:

The 60 Plus Association: A Corporate Assault in “Good-for-Seniors” Clothing

The 60 Plus Association, a pharmaceutical industry front group, claims it is a “nonpartisan senior advocacy group,” but it really operates counter to elderly citizens’ best interests. 60 Plus advocates positions on issues that benefit big corporations but that stand to harm seniors….

A Scary Primer on the 60-Plus Association

The “60-Plus Association” was AstroTurf before AstroTurf was cool. These kinds of right wing phony groups are a dime a dozen now. 60-Plus is a DC outfit mostly made up of longtime Republican operatives that pretend to be concerned about senior issues. In reality they appear to exist for little more than to help Republicans win elections and to scare the elderly….

….The 60-Plus Association fancies itself as a right-wing version of the AARP but its IRS filings show that it derives zero dollars from actual membership dues, even though it lists over $1.8 million in revenues. So if they are not getting their money from their nonexistent “membership” then how are they paying to scare… seniors? [60-Plus Association 2008 IRS Form 990]

Some of that question was answered when AARP hired an independent investigator to thoroughly research the phony group and they found that the pharmaceutical industry is actually paying a lot of the bills. The report revealed that in 2001 alone, 60-Plus got hundreds of thousands of dollars from some of the following: the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA); drug companies like Merck, Pfizer and Wyeth-Ayerst, and even from Hanwha International Corp.; which is the U.S. subsidiary of a Korean conglomerate with chemical and pharmaceutical interests. For this reason a Public Citizen report described 60-Plus as being part of “PhRMA’s Stealth PACS” [pdf]. [AARP Bulletin Today, “Pulling Strings from Afar”, 2003]….

The mailing text (on the “B side”):

The irresponsible bureaucrats and politicians in Washington are bankrupting our Social Security, our Medicare, and our nation at a record speed.

The consequences of this reckless and uncontrolled spending spree are clear: An economy handcuffed by uncertainty, millions of lost jobs, ruined pensions, unaffordable and rationed health care, thousands of failed businesses, a worthless dollar, and a future America without liberty and prosperity….

….call your United States Representative, Ike Skelton, right now….and demand he vote to repeal “ObamaCare”, to ban eramarks, bailouts, and “stimulus” boondoggles….

…It’s Our Country, Our Health Care and Our Prosperity….

Really, they claim to be defenders of Social Security?

The 60 Plus Association, Proud Supporters of Social Security Privatization

David Weigel 11/12/09 5:28 PM

One important fact about the 60 Plus Association’s move into the health care debate is that from 1995 through really the end of the Bush administration, its big cause was support for Social Security privatization. It did a lot of blocking and tackling when President Bush pushed for privatization in 2005, and it kept on message long after he dropped the campaign…

How’s that privatization thing working out for you? You know, investing it in the stock market so people running high risk schemes can bankrupt you.

And, as if dubya’s administration didn’t exist from 2001 to 2009? Let’s see the TARP bailout occurred under which president? Uh, dubya.

Nope, it’s the corporations’ country, it’s the insurance companies’ health care, and it’s the top one percent’s prosperity. The rest of us only get to live here.