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They just can’t quite put their finger on it, can they?

Let’s file this under “Gee, there’s a veto session and I can’t pass up an opportunity to throw a whole bunch of people in my community under the bus just to score points with teabaggers.”

That works.

Except that veto override didn’t quite work out, did it?

Back to the truthiness of it all.

Group wants answers about pulling of film fest funds

Event received federal stimulus money

September 18, 2010 3:42 PM

By Dennis Rich

The Sedalia Democrat

….Scott Rowson, a spokesman for the Department of Social Services, told The Democrat on Wednesday that funding for the film festival “wasn’t permissible” under federal guidelines, but could not explain exactly which provisions the project violated nor could he explain how the project had received authorization in October 2009….

….However, a copy of the spending plan, which would have been made available as part of the authorization process last year, clearly states the “outcome will be that a social and economic justice film festival is held in Missouri….”

….However, Hoskins was also unable to specify exactly how the project was out of compliance with federal guidelines governing how the money could be spent….

[emphasis added]

The just know it’s all wrong but they can’t explain how or why. That’s demagoguery, not oversight.


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