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The Kid (2000)

“Aww, somebody call the waahmbulance!”


Mindy Mazur: Hi, I’m Mindy Mazur, I’m Robin Carnahan’s campaign manager. It’s a little after ten o’clock on Thursday night, but I wanted to record a, a short message for you and give you an update on what’s going on in the Missouri Senate race.

As you may have heard late last night Fox News and Chris Wallace sued our campaign over our most recent TV ad. The ad in question is one where Chris Wallace questions Congressman Blunt about his slipping a secret provision in for Phillip Morris into a Homeland Security bill and his relationship with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. It’s just a short clip, it’s completely in context, and it’s the truth.

And we at the Robin Carnahan campaign believe the truth matters in this race. And that’s why, despite this lawsuit, we’re keeping this ad on the air. We’re gonna fight the lawsuit to keep it on the air and to make sure Missouri voters know truth.

You and I know that Robin’s a fighter and she fights on principle. And this is a fight worth having. Please join us, go to Robin Carnahan dot com. Thanks for your help.

In the business of politics Faux News and his whineyness Chris Wallace handed Robin Carnahan and her campaign what is called “earned media”. There isn’t enough money on the planet to pay to get the coverage Roy’ Blunt’s (r-lobbyist) Washington insider pedigree is getting with this story.


You make the ad, we sue you to protect our candidate

Faux sues, We deride: The ripple effect

Update: The Carnahan campaign has put the ad back up on the web.