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the topic title is satirical, don’t sue us Fox

An assortment of reactions to Faux News standing up for Roy Blunt (and for Chris Wallace’s self esteem) against Robin Carnahan ads (nobody tell Chris Wallace, just tell him that he is somebody and pat his head).

Fired Up! Missouri: “Bloomberg  reports that Fox is complaining that “The Carnahan ad is designed to make it appear as if Wallace — a trusted journalist — is instead speaking as a campaign operative.”  This is obviously absurd.  The power of the ad comes from the fact that Wallace is a journalist, not a campaign operative.”

DailyKos: “The suit alleges that the ad makes it appear that Fox and Wallace are endorsing Carnahan. It’s an absurd claim, since obviously nowhere in the 2006 interview are Carnahan or Blunt’s Senate run mentioned. But we know that isn’t the real issue; in fact, this isn’t the first time they’ve demanded Democrats pull ads for this reason — and naturally, they’ve been fine with Republicans using their footage.”

Talking Points Memo:

“This is the only case that I know of where a broadcast news organization has sued a political campaign over use of news footage in an ad,” Ben Sheffner, a lawyer who specializes in copyright issues and writes the Copyrights & Campaigns blog, told TPM. “There’s been a number of disputes over this issue, but they never got to a court case, that I’m aware.”

AmericaBlog: “Who knew Chris Wallace was such a delicate little flower? FOX will do anything for Blunt and other GOPers — even file a lawsuit that makes its leading reporter sound like a thin-skinned, fragile prima donna. Meanwhile, Robin is undaunted. She’s keeping the ad on the air.”

America Blog has an ActBlue page for Robin if you’re interested in that sort of thing after any recent events. Or donate here if you wanna be direct about it.

And this isn’t finished yet.