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The Show Me Social Justice International Film Festival catches a break during the General Assembly’s veto session – because, from the reviews, Representative Denny Hoskins (r-noun, verb, CPA) gave a performance worthy of a Golden Rasberry:

Representative John Burnett via Twitter:

Shocker! Repubs open with red herring argument re movie festival funding. Oddly fm Warrensburg where R incumbt is in trouble. Coincidence?     about 8 hours ago  via Twitter for iPhone  

Ouch, that left a mark.

Fired Up! via Twitter:

Hoskins trying to make hay with film festival during veto override debate, but then admitted fund in HB1903 wouldn’t have made a difference     about 8 hours ago  via Twitter for iPhone  

So, why bring it up, unless it was all about political posturing? Because it was all about political posturing.

Tony Messenger via Twitter:

Missouri house begins process of trying to overturn nixon veto of hb1903. unlikely to get the two-thirds majority necessary.     about 8 hours ago  via Panoramic moTweets

Sorry, forgot to tweet the end of the veto session debate. veto override fell way short. back to your previously scheduled fundraisers …     about 6 hours ago  via Panoramic moTweets  

Oh, and fundraising.


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