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According to TPM, the House Democratic caucus will meet tonight as a group and individually with leadership to figure out whether or not the President’s plan to extend all but the top bracket Bush tax cuts will fly. At issue is whether or not to bring the measure to a speedy vote.

Buoyed by Democrat pollster Stan Greenberg’s latest poll which shows that “a majority of independents, 53-38, back the middle class extension only,” party leaders are smelling a victory that might have real legs come November. The poor dimwits are finally figuring out that restoring some equity might actually be a winner – but a little further persuasion from constituents probably wouldn’t go amiss.

So if it galls you unendurably to think of a spineless Democratic majority acquiescing to costly giveaways to the richest segment of the country when we can’t afford it and they don’t have to, this might be a very good time for those of you who live in districts represented by Democrats – Skelton, Cleaver, Carnahan, and Clay – to contact them and let them know that you’re fine with killing big giveaways for the wealthiest 2% of the population. (If you click on their names above, you will go to a page with their contact information.)

Apropos my earlier post about Claire McCaskill’s dithering, it might not hurt to contact her as well – Henry Reid has indicated that he will bring the tax issue up for a vote sometime within the next three weeks. Let her know that this could be a winner for her – her base might really appreciate it if she throws them a bone here and there.