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Okay, this one has a great sense of humor:

Robin Carnahan: Congressman Roy Blunt, he seems to think he’s running for the Senate against Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Hey, Roy, you’re running against me.

[Robin Carnahan, Secretary of State]

And while I’ve been here in Missouri looking out for consumers, you’re the one who’s been in Washington…

[Wall St – Blunt is man in the middle for bailout talks – Congressional Quarterly Today 9/26[…]]

…bailing out Wall Street and the big banks.

[More money from lobbyists than any member of Congress, October 4, 2009, USA Today]

And taking more money from lobbyists than any other member of Congress.

[Robin Carnahan manages her family cattle farm]

I’m Robin Carnahan. I approved this message because we’re all fed up with the bull from Washington.

[Robin Carnahan, United States Senate, RobinCarnahan.com

Paid for by Robin Carnahan for Senate. Approved by Robin Carnahan.]

This one’s a keeper. Nicely done, nicely done.