Tuesday night, a crowd of more than 270 Democrats gathered at Rep. Jill Schupp’s house in Creve Coeur to listen to and shake hands with Gov. Jay Nixon, Auditor Susan Montee, Treasurer Clint Zweifel, and Attorney General Chris Koster, among other of what the celebrity pages would call “luminaries”. Attendees showed their dedication to winning state legislative seats for the Dems this fall by donating almost $110,000.

Guests braved the heat under a big tent, literally, and willingly struggled with, um … challenging parking conditions. No matter about the latter. Guests made new friends while they waited for valets to fetch their vehicles or for a shuttle to take them a mile away to their cars.

Schupp, whose husband is scheduled for back surgery in a couple of days, managed to be a warm hostess despite the personal complications in her life. But we all know she’s a trouper.