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On Friday, a small group of senior citizens visited Roy Blunt’s office with some questions about Medicare and Social Security. They found the doors locked, and the staff hid from them. Whenever a staffer found it necessary to leave the office, he would act as if the seniors were ghosts that he could neither see nor hear. But obviously, the staffers did see and hear the intruders, because eventually they called the cops and had those ruffians removed from the property.

Well, the staff’s behavior is perfectly understandable. First of all, imagine the gall of those old folk to ask questions at the office of a Senate candidate about issues that concern them. And. And. Keep in mind what a scary bunch they must have been, shouting and screaming (in modulated tones) as they did. Watch the video. You’ll see what I mean. Thugs, whether they’re on the far side of 65 or not, have to be shown what’s what.