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The KC Star Prime Buzz seems to think that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) push to remind folks just what pols like Roy Blunt have really said about Social Security is just an election year ploy: “one of the oldest in the Dems’ playbook.”

One wonders why it doesn’t occur to the wise old souls at the Prime Buzz that they’ve heard this theme before because efforts to gut New Deal programs have been a Republican constant – although at times they have managed to mute their animus against popular programs like Social Security. As for the DSCC response, you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can try to restrain him when he threatens your well-being.  

Unfortunately for the skeptics, the DSCC has the goods on targeted GOPers – often in their own words. For instance, Roy Blunt on Bush’s plan to privatize social security:

… It might have been better if we had done it quicker, like a decade, decades ago, but we didn’t.” [CNN, 11/10/04]

To be sure, Blunt, like most Republicans, seems to be more than willing to talk out of both sides of his mouth on this issue, but his record on Social Security and its sister plan, Medicare, speaks for itself. Who can forget Blunt arguing that government programs “distort” the market and it would have been better if programs like Medicare had never existed?

Republican wannabe wunderkind, Paul Ryan, in what Stephen Herrington calls his “quasi-official” Roadmap for America’s Future, proposes sunsetting both Social Security and Medicare. Politicians like Blunt know that it is political suicide to do more than tacitly endorse this Roadmap before the election – but I, for one,  don’t want to see Blunt come full circle and help enact the Roadmap or something like it if he manages to make it to the Senate.