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The candidates in the 121st Legislative District – the Democratic Party candidate, Courtney Cole – and the republican incumbent, Denny Hoskins – have been going door to door and distributing their campaign literature (in campaign parlance, “walk pieces”).

You have to wonder about the efficiency of a campaign that drops campaign literature at a home with their opponent’s sign in the yard. But, it gives us all an opportunity to deconstruct the wasted walk piece:

Putting Johnson Countians back to work is my first priority.

What, no printing trades “union bug” on the walk piece? It would appear that addressing the concerns of working people gets lip service and no actual support. Maybe it’s possible that some people aren’t concerned about a living wage and good paying jobs for working people.

I envision a Missouri government that is efficient and effective…

And there is the matter of the republican majority in the Missouri House of Representatives failing to act on jobs bill after having spent weeks during the early part of the legislative session fussing over symbolic legislation on federal issues. And how much did that special session cost? How’s that for efficient and effective?

…not a Missouri with high taxes…

Really? High taxes? In Missouri? I don’t think so.

….Missouri’s State/Local Tax Burden Below Average

Estimated at 9.2% of income, Missouri’s state/local tax burden percentage ranks 32nd highest nationally, below the national average of 9.7%. Taxpayers in Missouri pay $3,508 per capita in state and local taxes….

Taxes? He said taxes!

And no mention of legislative successes? Oh, never mind

Oh, and those “Legislator of the Year” awards handed out by the republican caucus? Don’t they pass those out like cheap candy on Halloween? Just asking.