Robin Carnahan has absorbed quite a few punches over the last year and remained standing, but now that the primaries are over, she’s coming out swinging. Roy Blunt has been on the air for awhile now, with ads paid for in part by hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from Wall Street and Big Oil, and now Carnahan is returning fire on just that point:

Ads like this are one reason I’m not terribly worried that Carnahan has lagged slightly in the polls for a while. Blunt has been a key part of the worst decisions managing our country’s financial policy in nearly a century while Carnahan actually has a  good record protecting investors in Missouri. If she keeps making this distinction for the next several weeks, she’s going to win in November.

But don’t let my confidence infect you with complacency. It will still be a tough battle, as Blunt will have millions of dollars in donations from banks, oil companies, lobbyists, insurance companies, and so on. Carnahan will need your help knocking doors, making phone calls, getting your friends registered to vote and out the door to the polls. If you’re not on her list of volunteers, sign up today. This is where it counts.

Full text of the transcript is below the fold.

Robin Carnahan: “I’m Robin Carnahan and I approved this message.”

Narrator: 1999.

Roy Blunt votes to deregulate Wall Street.  

Eliminating safeguards in place since the Depression.

Nine years later.

As the economy collapses.  

Roy Blunt takes charge of passing the $700 billion  dollar Wall Street bailout.

Blunt says it’s one of the high points of his time in Congress.

No wonder Wall Street has given Blunt over $1.6 Million dollars in contributions.

Roy Blunt.  The very worst of Washington.