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According to the Turner Report, Cynthia Davis believes that she would not have lost her race for the State Senate if only people outside her district were not “unfamiliar with me and were easily misled by all the negative campaigning.” But I think Cynthia might have missed the point here. I bet most Missourians know lots about Cynthia and many are pretty turned off by what they know – particularly when it comes to her vendetta against children, especially poor children.

While we know that Cynthia really cares about fetal life, we also know that she thinks poor school children don’t deserve free school lunches, but should instead rely on McDonalds. We surely all remember her outrage that funds from marriage license fees might be used to assist childen and mothers fleeing domestic abuse. Or her belief that that it’s unacceptable government intrusion to close down unlicensed day-care providers accused of criminal child abuse – although when government intrudes into individuals’ reproductive and sexual lives in order to impose minority religious values, it’s just the ticket.

Her bitterness at her loss aside, there is a silver lining for Cynthia given her high opinion of fast foods and the general level of her skills.  As one commenter on the Turner Report suggested, when her term expires in December, McDonalds will probably be hiring.