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Only candidates who want to lose the general election take a break after the primary. There’s an old adage in politics – you can print more palm cards, you can enlist more volunteers, you can raise more money, but what you can’t do is get more time. The clock is ticking.

Courtney Cole, the Democratic Party candidate in the 121st Legislative District, did not have a primary opponent (and neither did the republican incumbent), but she has not been standing still. There’s too much work to be done.

The yard signs started going up after Tuesday’s primary election.

This evening a jovial group of volunteers converged to accomplish some of the many mundane campaign tasks which have to be done in order to make it a little easier for the candidate to get her message to the voters. There will be many more evenings like this leading up to the November general election. Because those things have to be done and you can’t get more time.

Courtney Cole at her campaign computer while volunteers work in a room next door.