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It’s almost 11:30 and after looking at today’s election results, it’s clear that what we all knew would happen has happened and Propostion C is winning in the range of 70% to 30%. I promise, I’ll try not to fall into a mad rage every time I hear some wannabe media wise man solemnly talking out of his nether anatomy about what this means for Democratic electoral hopes. I’ve actually got no problem with Tea Party gloating – these fools know as well as I do that they won this one because they’re the biggest part of the tiny fraction that turned out to vote – and they have every right to stick it to us, since we gave it away. Anyway, there’s no way they can be more outrageous and dishonest than they already are.

Of course, there’s always a silver lining – and today it’s the fact that Cynthia Davis went down in her primary, losing to Scott Rupp 45% to his 55%. I’m sure that Rupp is a total ass, but I can’t possibly believe that he could be as offensive as Davis. The only problem with Davis’ defeat is that it means that we lose the most perversely amusing member of the Missouri version of the Insane Clown Posse, also known as our Republican-led state legislature. I’m sure, though, that somehow, someway, she’ll keep right on performing her own special brand of horrorcore in order to change our evil ways –  but not, thank God, in Jefferson City.