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Mary Nichols is at it again, smearing her Democratic opponent in the primary race for state rep from Maryland Heights. But I’ll give her this much: she didn’t lie–not exactly. She points out, for example, that Jay Nixon doesn’t endorse DeLear. Well, duh. Nixon doesn’t endorse in primaries. She might as well complain that the Pope hasn’t declared DeLear a saint.

But then Nichols gets to the nub of this election: DeLear’s part in passing the PACE legislation. She has to find a way to discredit him about that. So she acts as if he lied about how many jobs the legislation will create.

His claim is “Proven BOGUS!” Gasp. He and the Post-Dispatch disagree about the number of jobs the bill might create? Excuse me, but I think the point here is that it will create jobs while lowering energy use. That’s a good thing, Ms. Nichols. And the difference in job creation estimates is not proof that DeLear is a lying SOB.

Well, if that innuendo won’t fly, then maybe she can pretend that it’s all a get rich quick scheme.

He’s trying to get rich because he created MAAEP to help get PACE passed? MAAEP is a non-profit and DeLear is not profiting from it. So as far as substance goes in this accusation, there’s no “there” there. None of it amounts to anything more than gasping over empty exclamation points. Nichols must be worried. And I hope her worries are justified.