So here’s Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s defense for attacking Joe Adams as “bought” by Rex Sinquefield. She has a release from the American Federation of Teachers claiming that Rex Sinquefield donated money to one committee that in turn donated to another committee that ended up buying an ad touting the AFT local’s endorsement of Joe Adams for University City mayor in 2006. Got that?

The ad cost $396, and several other contributors gave money to the 80th Legislative District Committee, including The Pasta House, which is owned by Adams supporter Kim Tucci. In other words, this is a minor ad removed three times from Rex Sinquefield which was easily covered by contributors who had nothing to do with Sinquefield, and still not even paid directly to Adams’ campaign.

It’s telling that the Chappelle-Nadal campaign comes up with this lame attack right before the election. If they had real evidence, they would have released it months ago and hammered Adams with it. Instead they release a last second blast hoping to tar an opponent unfairly without enough time to correct the record for voters.

And this doesn’t even cover the fact that Maria Chappelle-Nadal blatantly altered the text of the St. Louis American endorsement to misrepresent what the newspaper wrote about Adams and Chappelle-Nadal.

UPDATE: ArchPundit has a typically smart take on the new information:

What you have to know is that AFT is now lying to try and  back up the original lie.  They claim the 80th District Committee was primarily funded by All Children Matter PAC which is a school voucher PAC that is heavily funded by Sinquefield. It is true that All Children Matter sent $5,000 to the Committee before the ad (a $400 cost). Adams also received a $3,200 donation from the 80th Committee on April 1st.  However the bulk of funding for the 80th for the first three reporting periods of the year is Pyramid Construction that donated $20,000.

Of course, Maria might want to give her good friend Jamiliah Nasheed a call as well since she received a donation from the 80th that year as well.

The full text of the AFT release is below the fold, complete with typos.  

AFT Missouri (AFL-CIO) Releases Statement on Joe Adams Ties

To 80th Legislative District Committee

ST. LOUIS (August 2, 2010) – American Federation of Teachers (AFT Missouri, AFL-CIO) recently learned that Joe Adams, Democrat for State Senate in the 14th District has denied any funding from billionaire financier Rex Sinquefield, but campaign finance records for the 80th Legislative District Committee show otherwise.

In a statement from AFT President Scott Ciafullo he states: “In 2006, one of our locals endorsed Joe Adams for Mayor University City,” says Ciafullo. “In an ad placed in the Suburban Journal promoting our endorsement of the then-mayoral candidate Joe Adams, it stated the ad was paid for the 80th Legislative District Committee, which is tied to Ted Hoskins, a staunch school voucher advocate and a current state senate candidate in District 14. This committee, at the time, was primarily funded by All Children Matter, a campaign committee that was funded by Rex Sinquefield and other prominent school choice advocates.”