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Last night:

After Months of Waiting, Hopes Dim for Odessa Manufacturing Plant

Monica Evans, edited by Jason Vaughn

6:45 PM CDT, July 15, 2010

ODESSA, MO – The talk of bringing a manufacturing company, along with thousands of new jobs, to Odessa may have been just that – all talk.

Officials in Odessa say that after months of infrequent contact with Manna of Utah, a company that promised to make non-fossil fuel generators and bring 3,400 new jobs to the town, the entire deal doesn’t appear to be working out.

Earlier this year, the company made an announcement that they would be building a manufacturing plant in Odessa as soon as funding is complete. Odessa’s economic development director says the city is prepared to finance the $100 million project with industrial bonds, but Manna of Utah dropped the ball….

A hundred million dollars? Wow, that would have been a serious investment of public money. Who was pushing it, and what were they going to do with all that money?

In February:

Thousands of jobs coming to rural Missouri

Posted on February 18, 2010 by ryancornelius

….”You know when you were a kid and you had a magnet, you put the two ends together and they pushed apart, and you’d turn them around and they sucked towards each other,” Rep. McGhee said. “These guys have designed a wheel, lined with electromagnets in a circle, then they have taken an inner circle and put three magnets on the inner circle on a plastic disc. As the inner circle magnet comes towards that magnet, it pulls itself. They designed their own computer program and a chip that reverses that in such a millisecond, when it gets to that, it pushes it away. It runs this thing in a circle, just with magnets….”

From last March:

Another Energy Scam

by Steven Novella, Mar 08 2010

….And here’s a tip for politicians and investors – get a clue. Consult with an actual scientist before investing in the latest free-energy con. Politicians in Utah and Odessa are hoping to gain attention for being so environmentally responsible and forward-looking. But instead they will simply be the targets of a round of ridicule from those with a clue.

Note to Missouri Politicans: Perpetual Motion = Bad Investment!

March 8th, 2010

One would generally think that a buisiness model that involves violating the laws of physics is probably not going to result in a very sound enterprise.   However, it appears that some in Missouri feel differently about that….

….To Rep. Mike McGhee: You, sir, are an idiot. I hope voters remember this when they go to the polls.

Ah, physics is phun!