Fired Up Missouri has quite the find, a twenty minute audio of Ed Martin on Gina Loudon’s radio show talking complete nonsense. .Sean has a great take on Martin’s crazy assertion that Obama and Pelosi are trying to keep people from praying to Jesus.

Right after that part of the interview, at about the 12 minute mark, Gina Loudon, quoting former Republican candidate Bill Federer, asserts that “if this election doesn’t change everything, it might be our last election.”

A normal person from any political persuasion might stop her at that point. “Whoa! That’s an extraordinary claim! I don’t agree with the Obama Administration on everything, but do you have evidence for that statement?”

Not so with Ed Martin. He immediately jumped in:

No less a sage than Joe Biden, Joe Biden said that either the Republicans are going to gain control and stop everything that Barack and I did, or they are not going to get control and we’re going to do it all. Right there you have it, Joe Biden speaks the truth.

I’m not sure where any sane person would understand that Joe Biden meant anything other than they would continue to attempt to enact their campaign platform from 2008, which as far as I know doesn’t include imposing martial law and ending elections in this country. But in the fevered mind of Ed Martin (and Gina Loudon), passing campaign finance laws, shifting to a clean energy economy, and enacting immigration reform is the same thing as ending elections forever.

You really should listen to the whole interview. Future anthropologists will marvel at the insanity on display.