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Saturday morning. KSLQ 1350 AM radio.  “The Mouth”

A local Franklin County radio station invited two of the Republican candidates for presiding commissioner to debate the pros and cons of AmerenUE’s plan to build a 400 acre coal ash landfill in the Labadie Bottoms next to the Missouri River.  State Sen. John Griesheimer spoke on behalf of Ameren while Ron Keeven remained cooly opposed to the plan.  

Griesheimer is term-limited and had talked about becoming a lobbyist but then filed at the last minute for the top county job.  He has an Ameren hardhat in his office and is known as one of their big guns.

With the planning and zoning commission hearing coming up on Tuesday, July 6, the public conversation has deteriorated, and the power company is throwing around its…well, power.

They want people to think this issue just a local Labadie one, a group of naysayers with a NIMBY complex. But it’s much larger than that.  Everyone who lives downstream from the Labadie plant should be concerned.  If we’ve learned nothing else from the BP disaster in the Gulf, we should at least learn not to believe all the reassurances by dirty energy companies about their “fail safe” methods protecting our environment.

If you can get out to Union, Mo, Tuesday evening by about 5:30 p.m., come fill some seats in the East Central College auditorium.  Exit off I-44 at Union, head west on 50 and watch for the college on the left.  Ameren is going to have lots of its employees there, and you can bet their spokesmen are going to start threatening higher rates, loss of power, and other scare tactics.

Hotflash will post a report after the hearing.