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TPMDC notes that Roy Blunt’s claims that he is the “second-highest” ranking member of the House Energy Committee, which were given lots of publicity when it seemed that Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), the ranking member,  might resign, are just so much hot air. Given Blunt’s facility with empty claims, this revelation is not that surprising.  

There was something else, however, that caught my eye in the same posting. We all know that despite his efforts to pass himself off as having just fallen off the turnip truck, Blunt is a consummate Washington insider and big corporate money man. But it had slipped my mind that he was such a flagrant a player of the soft (i.e. just barely legal – think soft porn) corruption game that even his own party rejected him. Old Roy was forced to resign as Majority Whip in 2008 after, among other things, rampant corruption led to the loss of the Republican majority in the House.

Hard to imagine, isn’t it. Someone so arrogant or just plain inept that he couldn’t keep his questionable activities sufficiently under the radar to satisfy the Party of the Big Gimme. Maybe Blunt ought to cool it when it comes to strutting his influence stuff. All that hot air might just serve to heat up lots of bad old memories.