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Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (r) via Twitter:

… Anti-Semites does quite simply NOTHING 2 refute the astonishing explosion of lefty Jew hatred. Conservatives stoutly defend Israel, Jews     about 6 hours ago  via UberTwitter  

“Lefty Jew hatred”? Oi vay.

@Patricialicious THE big trend of last decade: explosion of anti-semitism from the Left and left-wing academics. Evangelicals defend Israel     about 13 hours ago  via UberTwitter  in reply to Patricialicious

#HelenThomas despicable, hate-filled outburst illustrates an important point: great prevalence of virulent anti-Semitism from the Left #pdk     7:53 PM Jun 6th  via UberTwitter  

All that “lefty Jew hatred” over the last decade obviously explains why John McCain and Sarah Palin did so well with the Jewish vote in 2008, right?

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

A Look at Religious Voters in the 2008 Election

February 10, 2009

….And if you look at the exit polls, Obama got 78% of Jewish voters — that’s actually slightly better than Kerry did and it’s about where Gore and Clinton were….

Never mind.