So I finally screwed up my nerve and deployed the google to dredge up some facts – you know, those things that have a stubborn liberal bias and allow you to prove anything that is even remotely true – about the gusher that is suffocating the Gulf coast…partly because I was annoyed by Sarah Palin chiding liberals – excuse me, “extreme enviros” by lying her ass off and saying that “drill, baby, drill” was about safe drilling on shore (ANWR) and did we “get it now???”

Stupid bitch. We fucking get it. We “get” that she is an idiot. We “get” that the era of easy oil is over. We “get” that ANWR is a pristine wilderness and that it holds approximately enough oil to power our cars in the United States for about six months. We “get” that the coastal plain of ANWR would stop looking like this:


And start looking like this:

Prudhoe Bay

We also “get” that she is a liar and rewriting history to suit her ass and the agenda of the Koch brothers, which they are willing to pay dearly for her to advance.

But I was actually curious about the well that blew. How much oil was down there, and how long would it power this country’s automobiles and lawn mowers and other gadgets of the modern age?

I wish I hadn’t asked those questions, because now I feel sick and my entire weekend is ruined.

The Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that killed eleven people and is suffocating the Gulf is spewing oil from the Macondo prospect – a modest finding of about 100 million barrels of oil under a mile of water. For perspective, America  burns through over 18 million barrells of oil every single day.

That’s right. For about 5 1/4 days of oil, the Gulf had to die.

Good gawd. Is this what it feels like to need a quaalude? I honestly don’t have a frame of reference, either for the need of a quaalude nor the emotion and anger I am feeling right now, so I am going to assume I am standing at that particular crossroads, I just got here thirty years too late to score the needed ‘lude.