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A letter criticizing President Obama appeared in today’s Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal.

6/3/2010 2:28:00 PM

Plug leaking oil well

Letter to the Editor

….The fishing industry will be devastated in the Gulf and to add to the mockery our very own president (did) not attend ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. Obama should be ashamed that a sports game is more important.

Our soldiers and sailors have died for this audacity of arrogance.

Arrogance with meaningless speeches.

I kid you not. Go, read the whole thing.

Doesn’t it remind you of when you were little and that crotchety neighbor who was always yelling at the wrong neighborhood kids to keep off his lawn?

Or maybe it’s just repetition of Faux News Channel talking points.

“…our very own president (did) not attend ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery…”


May 28, 2010 7:30 pm US/Central

President Obama To Skip Arlington On Memorial Day

….Last year, President Obama kept with tradition and attended the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. But this year, he chose to attend a ceremony at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Illinois.

The move is not entirely unprecedented. Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was in France on Memorial Day in 2002. He traveled with a bipartisan delegation, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, to American Cemetery in Normandy to pay respects to those who gave their lives on D-Day.

His father, the first President Bush, never attended Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington, and even Ronald Reagan missed two such events there, though for one of those missed ceremonies he went to speak at West Point….

[emphasis added]

I don’t recall similar letters to the editor concerning this issue in the local paper when daddy bush and dubya were in office, do you?

Where did this all come from? The usual suspects.

The punch line?:

….Incidentally, during his eight years in office, President Clinton never missed a single Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington.