Folks, hear this, and make some calls this morning. It is our last chance to get PACE passed.

Pace, one of the best self-help bills to happen in decades, is on the cusp of failing in Missouri, with no opponents. What a shame.

PACE, rapidly spreading across the US, ingeniously allows homeowners to lien or borrow against a future property tax assessment to pay for energy improvements today. Whatever the future assessment is, the utility savings will always pay for it.

Two Leadership Senators hold the reins. If Charlie Shields (573-751-9476) and Kevin Engler (573-751-3455) want it, it will pass.

Their minions will join them. Tell them that this is a win/win bill that will cost the state NOTHING, even as it improves our homes and our economy, creating jobs in rural areas for a change. And the senators will get green bragging rights for decades if they pass PACE.