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Representative Jason Kander (D) speaks in favor of the bill during debate on the House floor this afternoon.

Ethics reform legislation finally passes. Representative Jason Kander (D-44) issued the following release:

Statement by Rep. Jason Kander regarding passage of ethics reform bill

Friday, May 14, 2010

This bill represents an improvement over current law, but I will not declare victory over corruption when we have merely tip-toed into the fight. I voted today to limit political money laundering, outlaw the obstruction of ethics investigations, and expand the powers of the Missouri ethics commission.

However, I’m disappointed that we missed an important opportunity to restore campaign contribution limits, to prohibit lawmakers from working as political consultants for one another, to close the revolving door between legislators and lobbyists, or to disclose potential conflicts of interest. That is why I whole-heartedly support the comprehensive, bipartisan ethics bill passed by the Speaker’s special committee on ethics. As I said when I filed a bipartisan proposal last year, my bill alone cannot tackle the ever-evolving and wide-ranging problem of public corruption.

There is lots of work remaining. I will continue my efforts to advance true, comprehensive ethics reform to a vote in the next legislative session.

The Senate breathed new life into ethics reform by stripping the poison pills from the bill and the conference report followed up.

I spoke with Representative Kander this morning in the House side gallery. When I stated that it looked like ethics reform legislation was dead last week he replied that at that point he was not going to give up until the end.

A number of Democratic representatives stated in debate that the bill is far from comprehensive, but it was a good start.

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