Let’s continue, in a state where the lege is in a Republican hammerlock, to speak out against the evils of payday loan companies.

I want you to know up front, though, that those greedy sumbitches in the R caucus have no intention of allowing payday loan reform to move an inch. House Speaker Ron Richard sent a payday loan reform bill sponsored by Rep. Mary Still, D-Columbia, to a committee chaired by a sleazebag who owns a QC franchise in Cabool. Said sleazebag, Rep. Don Wells, proceeded to have an unannounced hearing at which only payday spokesholes were granted the privilege of speaking.

In protest, the Dem caucus used a parliamentary maneuver that allows them to move a bill out of committee without the chairman’s say so. Doing so is just a way of dramatizing the Democrats’ contempt for the way the our legislative minions of the rich protect an iniquitous industry, because there’s not a chance in hell that Richard will put the bill on the calendar.

Oh, please, you may be thinking. Could this woman ease up a tad on the provocative language?

No, I don’t think so. QC Holdings has 556 payday shops across the country. 105 of those are in Missouri. Why do we only get to be #1 at puppy mills and payday loans? Hey, at least I’m not cussing yet. Language like “sleazebag”, “minions of the rich” and “iniquitous industry” is tame when you consider how much the payday lenders relish the misery of this recession. They locate themselves in the poorest neighborhoods and suck the marrow out of people with loans that average 431% annual interest. National People’s Action points out that in 2009, QC had its best year ever, with profits up 32% since 2007. NPA says: “QC Holdings is financed by Big Banks like US Bank and Bank of America. These banks helped crash our economy; now they are profiting from our hardship, even after we bailed them out.”

Missouri Republican legislators are soul brothers to the Rs in Congress. The usurers and the banks are tag teaming the populace, while these good, family values Republicans applaud, shielding payday lenders and digging in their heels against bank reform. Shame on them, not that they are capable of feeling such an emotion. They are people who have failed to notice that their conscience has gone missing.

So, thank you, Mary Still, for batting your head against that wall. Thank you, NPA and GRO, for making noise about these scumsucking leeches. Some things have to be said. Loud. Even if the wall doesn’t seem to notice you.