Sarah Palin came to my neck of the woods over the weekend. She was the headline attraction for a 6-hour rally organized by a group calling itself “Preserving American Liberty” that was held at the Independence Events Center. Organizers refused to confirm how many people were in attendance, but the Kansas City Star is reporting that about 3000 people attended.

The organizers also insist that they are not a “tea party” group, and the event was a one-time affair, organized to bring together a bunch of aging, white, racist, selfish hypocrites people who want to “win America back” from that darkie in their White House.

Her appearanance lasted less than an hour. She delivered her standard, folksy, 30-minute speech that was sprinkled with all her usual speech tics and mispronounciations that grate on the ears of normal people and make gullible TeaBillie idiots swoon over the trashy little demagogue MILF.

When she did refer to the unchecked gusher creating the worst environmental nightmare the Earth has ever seen, she called it “tragic” and defended offshore drilling as necessary for our national security, and then she said the most ridiculous words ever uttered in Independence, Missouri – and that is quite a feat given the Meth problem that burg deals with: “I want our country to be able to trust the oil industry.”

Pardon me? Did she just tell the people in Independence to trust the oil companies?

You have got to be f***ing kidding me.

The only people stupider – and lazier – than that unctuous little guttersnipe are her handlers and researchers.

The odds are really, really good that a fair number of the people in her audience have some personal experiences that underscore just how ridiculous that assertion was.

That is because the old Amoco refinery in Sugar Creek, on the western edge of Independence is an EPA SuperFund cleanup site.

Amoco (now BP, the same company that owns the gusher) fucked over Independence big-time.

If there is one thing she could say in Independence that would slip her mask, show her real face and cost her the support of the local teabagger contingent – and Independence and the eastern part of the county is where we keep ours – that was it.