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Tommy Sowers‘ (D) campaign posted the following CNN story on his campaign today:


…The great thing about running in twenty-ten is there is so much demand for new blood out there…


…Everywhere I go I introduce myself, I’m Tommy Sowers, I’m a veteran running for Congress. I’m running to get some new blood in D.C. And everyone shakes their head and says, it’s about time…


…I wrapped my car like a NASCAR truck, I’ve got my dog in there, and we did this thing called boots on the ground where there’s twenty-eight counties, I spent a day and a night in every county…


…So you’ve got a Republican incumbent being challenged by a tea party candidate in the Republican primary. There is an independent tea party candidate that’s collecting enough signatures to be on the general election ballot. I’m unopposed as the Democrat…


Barbara Starr, CNN:

…Senators like John McCain and John Kerry campaigned very successfully on their war records…

Yes, that’s why they’re both President of the United States. Well, or at least why one of them is always on the Sunday cable television talk shows.

You’ve got to wonder about how much of Tommy Sowers’ interview ended up on the cutting room floor.

Of course, CNN had to do “an equal and opposite view” treatment to the story. As if the Faux News Channel ever would.