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In an interview this morning on radio KZRG, Roy Blunt stated that he thought that the Arizona immigration law was “just common sense.” It’s aimed at folks who are here illegally, isn’t it? Other highlights:

Blunt’s biggest (only?) “on-going fight” with Bush was to take issue with the old softie’s warm and fuzzy approach to undocumented workers.

While dancing in the best terpsichorean political style around the interviewer’s question about whether or not the congressman agreed that President Obama was “promoting lawlessness” when he called the Arizona law misguided, Blunt allowed as to how Obama was “even more misguided” than Bush.

According to Blunt, Obama’s statement was intended to “send a message” to the undocumented that he is on their side and not on the side of rule by law, by extension indicating that it is misguided to “enforce the laws of America.” Blunt could have saved himself lots of trouble and just said straight out, without all the circumlocution, that he agrees with the KZRG spokesman.

Oddly, Blunt was neither asked nor did he volunteer any opinions about the constitutionality of the law and its potential to violate the civil liberties of U.S. citizens. The failure to give due consideration to the obvious constitutional issues was especially odd given Rep. Blunt’s effort to pander to Tea Partiers and good ol’ boys, who, as we all know, have their collective panties in a bunch over issues of constitutionality – or what they have been told are constitutional issues – most recently in terms of Obama’s perceived encroachment against their freedom to die without access to health care.

But then, strangely enough, neither do the Tea Partiers themselves seem too worried about defending freedom this time around: