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Heads or tails? Stenography can be so difficult sometimes.

The stenographer spent some time in today’s edition of the Kansas City Star trying to flip coins (or read the tea leaves) for the upcoming Kansas City mayoral race.

Who leads the mayor’s race? Who knows?


The Kansas City Star

…Maybe the bigger question is: How could it come to this…?

…For others, maybe it’s the blogosphere world we live in, where even the wisest decisions are pilloried as stupid and a sure sign of Stalinism, Maoism or Attilaism.

Take Barnes. Some speculate that at 72, she could be talked into running. The city charter says she can run again after sitting out a term.

But didn’t she drag the city down into a financial rathole with the downtown entertainment district? At least, that’s what you hear from some bloggers.

See? Who needs it?

Wisest decisions? And which self appointed gatekeeper is the arbiter of that?

You left out McCarthyism.

Yeah, those unruly bloggers, asking uncomfortable questions, are such a bother. Who knew that they were so influential? Do you think it’s because old media is failing and nature abhors a vacuum?

By the way, it’s blogtopia (y, sctp!).