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There was a wonderful article in Saturday’s Post Dispatch about progressive religious leaders meeting to discuss state budget cuts.

Some of my favorite people, like Amy Smoucha of Jobs with Justice, are mentioned in the article.  She came right out and warned attendees to watch out for Rex Sinquefeld, but that’s not a surprise to those of us who read SMP.  She also mentioned the American Legislative Exchange Council.  We learned about ALEC a few yrs ago because of Jane Cunningham’s involvement with it, particularly in regards to defunding public education.

While I was thinking about looking ALEC up again just for old times sake, I came across another article that mentions it.  This one has to do with a lawsuit brought against Massey Energy because of the horrible working conditions in the mine where 29 Americans died two weeks ago. AND how cold-hearted millionaires think widows are just looking for  

“free money.”

I’ve been having a running discussion with an acquaintance out here in Franklin County who is a leader of the local tea party group.  I’m trying to tell him, in the gentlest way possible, that the essential difference between those of us who side with the miners and those who side with the coal company is that we care about other human beings and they don’t.  I could go on about that difference, but that can wait until later.  Just think of it as a mighty oak that has been split by lightning.  The roots are still there.  Some self-surviving new limbs are growing out of the two halves.  But the tree will never be intact again.   If you can’t share another’s pain, you’ll probably never grow up.