I’ve been told that bills are generally taken up on the Senate floor in the order they came out of committee. House leaders reserve much more discretion in deciding the order in which bills come up for debate on the floor.

The Senate Commerce Committee voted Do Pass on the Pace legislation on April 7th. It’s not on the calendar yet. And yet, the Sierra Club says:

In the Senate Agriculture Committee on Wednesday, Senator Stouffer amended the fees by reducing those for factory farms (CAFOs) to a level so low that the Dept. of Natural Resources testified it would be unable to inspect CAFOs or grant permits. Despite this, the amended bill was voted “do pass” and is now #4 on the Senate Calendar for debate, so might be passed as early as Monday, April 19.

ACTION: ask your senator to re-amend HB 2109 to remove Senator Stouffer’s CAFO amendments.

So never let it be said that the Senate leaders don’t know when it’s wise to break with precedent. If a bill is bad enough, they can grit their teeth and go for it.