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Previously: Rep. Mark Parkinson (r): great moments in projection

Ah, some members of the Missouri House of Representatives seem to want to go out of their way to try and prove that we never get out of junior high school. A case in point – Representative Mark Parkinson (r), via Twitter:

@MBersin (d-noun, cellist/tracker-verbs) it just occurred to me why you have an infatuation with trackers, as you are one.     26 minutes ago  via Tweetie  from Spencer Creek, MO  

Did he just say, “I know you are, but what am I?”

The meta, for those who aren’t clueless:

….At Show Me Progress we cover campaign, public, and government events. We sometimes cover fundraisers when we get an invitation to do so. We either wear ID in the form of a photo credential or we present a business card with our contact information, clearly identifying our affiliation with this blog. Our identification informs those at the events that we cover that what they say to us is on the record. We utilize the public record, the Missouri Sunshine Law, as well as other public resources to access public information. Further, there’s nothing keeping Representative Hoskins from signing up on this blog and participating consistent with our user guidelines.  

A tracker, on the other hand, is a paid political operative who may or may not identify his or her associations/affiliations.

Show Me Progress: How are you doing?

Tracker: Hello. How are you?

SMP: Good, good. So, are you a tracker or something?

Tracker: Uh, you could say that I guess.

SMP: Yeah. I’m with Show Me Progress. [I handed him my business card. He took it.]

Tracker: Oh!

SMP: Yeah. So, so, where are you from?

Tracker: Uh, I’d rather not say.

SMP: Oh, okay, that’s cool. [sound of camera shutter]

Tracker: You like the license plate? [In response to me photographing the back of the car.]

SMP: Actually? Interesting.

Tracker: Um, hm.

SMP: Yeah, so, uh, so have you been doing this for long or working in, in politics and stuff like that? [crosstalk]

Tracker: Uh, yeah, I’ve been working in politics for a while. [crosstalk]

SMP: Yeah. Good, good. Uh, where are you from, just in, are you from Missouri or just?

Tracker: I’d rather not say.

SMP: Okay, that’s cool. Well, listen, have a good evening, all right?

Clear enough for you now? Or is that irony definition thing still a little fuzzy for you?….

More junior high school, from the current session:

…the new Mark Parkinson idea is far weirder and angrier than the antique slot machines idea which was narrowly defeated in 2009. His new idea: deducting from Jay Nixon’s salary to buy Powerball tickets. An idea so absurd, asinine, and petty that it’s one of the better Republican revenue ideas ever (by default)…

I rest my case.